Thursday, January 8, 2009

Top 10 Value Investing News Stories of 2008


I'm not dead. I've just been swamped with several projects as well as the daily minutiae. I'm proud to announce that we've made the #1 spot of value investing news stories at George's site.
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Our account of our February 15th meeting with Warren Buffett was a very popular item on this blog, garnering close to 70K hits within a few weeks and landing it on the top links at and other link network sites.

I'll provide more details on current projects as we gain clarity, but Emory University has been invited back to visit Mr. Buffett this year. I'll do my best to ask insightful questions and post the results here. I'm also working on setting up a small fund of sorts, focusing on arbitrage and workout situations. You can check out our initial site here.
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Kate said...

Glad to know you're not dead Dang! Well done on the Top Value story. Looking forward to what you have in store for the future.